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Slime 40022 12-Volt Digital Tire Inflator : Reviews and Coupon

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Most Recent Customer Reviews

the worse useless tyre pump!

the worst! could not inflate my tyres to 36, only 32. useless on my car's tyres!

if 32 is needed then i could be okay.

Published 1 day ago by Angry Asian

So convenient!!!

Have used this product twice - first time on my riding mower. Realized that with a low tire on that, I couldn't just "drive it to the gas station". Read more

Published 8 days ago by Eileen Spence

Does not work, but probably too late to return

I must have gotten a dud....what a disappointment!!!!!! I purchased this item in December of last year, but today was the first time I have taken it out of the box to use it. Read more

Published 8 days ago by Jeanette Grammer

Excellent solution!

This has been the best investment. It's a quality and inexpensive solution to troublesome tires. Now I don't have to go to the gas pump each week and worry about over inflating my... Read more

Published 16 days ago by Adam J. Borovkoff

Perfect accessory

Better than I imagined. Actually works great and the ability to watch the pressure readings as it inflates is such a great idea!

Published 21 days ago by Samuel C Hutto

Didn't work

This compressor seemed to work for all of about .5 seconds. It kicked on then I never got it working again. I tried it on both my truck lighter and the motorcycle hookup. Read more

Published 27 days ago by Matt

This is slick!!!!!

About three years ago someone ripped off my tire pump... Long story. I'll spare you.

Anyway, since then I've been meaning to buy another. Read more

Published 27 days ago by george callender


I have owned half a dozen tire inflators through the years. I prefer the auto-stop units but they are in the minority, most have analog dials and flip type clamp tire valve... Read more

Published 27 days ago by Nathaniel Bronner Jr.

Good product

I used this device several times since I bought. The device is working with good performance. Inflates the tire within reasonable time. Read more

Published 29 days ago by Mostafa Saad

slime inflator

I am so happy!! this is really small in size yet is powerful enough to enflate tires on my honda element. Read more

Published 1 month ago by chris jarvis

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

158 of 165 people found the following review helpful

Gets the Job Done, Inexpensive, LoudNovember 5, 2011

By Erik Potter

Amazon Verified Purchase

I investigated a number of similar products on Amazon, other web merchants and on the Manufacturer's websites. As a result I decided I was seeking a couple specific things.

My Desires
o Low Cost
o Screw on Valve Attachment. My rims don't leave enough room for the larger sleeve that surrounds the clip-on type hose attachments found on many pumps.
o Automatic Shutoff. I've got better things to do that watch a needle move.

+ Inexpensive. Disregarding a few slightly less expensive generic no-name products with poor reviews, the products I found that had the features I wanted were often two times the price or more.
+ Screw on Valve Attachment. This takes less room and so will be compatible with a greater variety of tire rims.
+ Digital Pressure Gauge. An LCD display shows the current pressure in PSI of your tire. It seems sufficiently accurate, reading always within 2 PSI of a fairly decent quality manual gauge that I have.
+ Automatic Shutoff. Set the desired tire pressure, activate the device and it will shut off when that target is hit so that you don't have to baby the device while it huffs and puffs your tires up.

- Loud. I use this in my closed garage. It seems as loud as when I use my power miter saw to cut 2x4 lumber. It seems that this is simply a light device with a basic light plastic case so it vibrates and wiggles and dances on the floor as it does its job. But the job gets done.
- Not fast. But fast enough for most. Expect to spend 2-4 minutes per tire depending on how fast your are connecting and disconnecting and how low your tires are. I spend about a minute per tire at the gas station pump.

Read more ›

82 of 85 people found the following review helpful

Fast, easy, quiet January 28, 2011

By E-Light

So much better than my loud, rumbling old compressor! This product is lightweight, easy to use, quick and quiet. You start by plugging it in and attaching it to the tire. It will give you the current pressure reading. Then, hold a button for a few seconds and set the desired pressure. Press the power button and watch as the pressure reading increases as the tire inflates. When it reaches the pressure setting you chose, it shuts off. All in all, it probably didn't take more than 30 seconds to raise my pressure by 7 PSI.

I double-checked the reading using another digital tire gauge I have, and it was .5 PSI less -- this could have easily been due to air loss when removing the hose or inserting the gauge (or the gauge could be wrong). Either way, close enough.

The unit's housing allows you to store the hose and power cord inside, which is quite convenient. So far, I'm very happy with this -- it's nice to see an innovation in the lower end of the market for these products, as simple as it might be!

89 of 95 people found the following review helpful

It is OK September 25, 2010

By Vlad Judys

Amazon Verified Purchase

I got this inflator because of the digital display and automatic shut off.
Well, the unit does that and does it well. Actuall too well, as I cannot pump any balls with it, as it just shuts off itself a few seconds after the start.
It inflates tires well, but I noticed that it does not measure the pressure correctly. If you set it at 35PSI and check the pressure after inflating it would be in 38-40PSI range. I need to set it to lower settings to get the results right.
It inflates quickly and queitly, but cannot measure the pressure right and does not inflate balls.

28 of 29 people found the following review helpful

Faster than other 12V pumps January 10, 2011

By James

Amazon Verified Purchase

Works good. A lot faster than other 12V pumps I've used in the past. Took a minute or two to inflate my motorcycle tires from 22 to 36psi. Digital gauge and automatic shut off is very helpful. Highly recommend, after i showed this to my friends, they wanted to get their own.

UPDATE: Mine broke after less than 4 months of sporadic use. Pump won't turn on. Changing rating to 1 star.

UPDATE 2: Contacted slime, sent a replacement to my house for no charge! Thanks! New one works great!!!

15 of 15 people found the following review helpful

Got me to work! December 7, 2011

By Matt W

Amazon Verified Purchase

I'll start off by saying I know very little about cars and car maintenance. I check my tire pressure about once every month because it's a habit I picked up from my Dad. I got this Digital Compressor because I don't like having to go to the gas station to do it. This model looked like the best on Amazon for a "set it and press go" solution. When It arrived I tested it and it worked great topping off all 4 of my tires.

I wasn't expecting to have a "real world" test so soon after purchase. However, when I left my house for work this morning my front right tire was completely flat. I grabbed the compressor and plugged it in. It took the tire from a reading of 3.5psi to 30psi in about 5 minutes which provided me enough air to get to work and call AAA so they can fix it during the day. This is exactly the sort of situation I had purchased it for, and it performed flawlessly.

Honestly, for $30, you can't ask for more than that.

25 of 28 people found the following review helpful

Easy to use February 13, 2011

By Jon B

Amazon Verified Purchase

I'm really not a "car guy" or DIY type. The most advanced service I perform on my car is replacing wiper blades. I just wanted a simple compressor to keep my tires up to spec.

This model is very easy to use and adequately accurate. You just set it to the PSI you need and let it run. It shuts itself off when it's done, so you don't have to worry about over-inflating.

The only downside is that it can't plug into a standard outlet - you have to use the 12V "cigarette lighter" plug and plug it into your car. That's a plus if you're keeping this in the trunk for a roadside emergency, but it would be nice to plug it into a a regular outlet in the garage.

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